Baumann factory is a furniture company located in a former clog factory in Colombier-Fontaine in the Doubs (France). It is one of the twentieth century’s most acclaimed companies of the market industry. It was in 1903 that the son of the swiss founder Emile Baumann, named Walter, becomes head of the company. In 1909, 163 individuals work at the company and in 1970 the number of workers reaches 600.

The factory had its first success with chairs and children’s furniture because it is an early mover on these items. Baumann house then expands its range to create bentwood

furniture, bistro chairs, pedestal tables, children’s carts called « charrettes » and hangers. The company develops and spreads based on its fundamentals: high quality

manufacturing (materials, assembly, speed …), innovation and customer loyalty. The factory shuts down in 2003 because of economic difficulties.