Eero Aarnio

(1932, Helsinki – ­)

Eero Aarnio is one of the most famous Finnish designers of his generation. After studying art and design, he opened his agency in 1962. At the start of his career, the designer is interested in inatural materials such as wicker or rattan. Subsequently, confronted by the opposition, he diversifies and begins to create plastic furniture, in fiberglass and also in plywood. He obtains his first success with his well­known Ball Chair in 1960 and begins his international career. His colorful and pop designs naturally lead him to producing children’s furniture. The Pony chair (1972), that looks like a toy has three Trioli seats, make its entrance in the bedrooms. During his career, Aarnio opposes himself to the trend of disposable furniture and creates sustainable quality furniture, this is the reason why we still find vintage pieces in perfect condition. With his childish work, ihis recreative quality, and his great ingenuity, he occupies a prominent place in the international twentieth century design.